The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness can often be described as simple notions of grasping for the good feelings and annihilating any negative ones. Happiness for many therefore becomes an impulsively two-alternating-actions of indulging or destruction, without any inward inspection or reasoning.

Ideas, laws and societies change according to these simple push-pull actions. However, at the end of the day… everyday and every century, we are still pushing and pulling, exercising all the muscles in our bodies and brains, ignoring the most important reason of Living.

I remember a man who once temporarily ordained as a monk, dedicating his actions to his dying father. While the senior monks were cutting his hair, he asked me “Why do we ordain?”

“Because our happiness were never ours… because we constantly placed our happiness upon how others felt, spoke or did.” He smiled gently at me and closed his eyes.

If we would try out a thing once in our lives, just to satisfy our own curiousness, then try loving and forgiving ourselves… no longer basing our lives upon how others wish us to live it. Try it just once, and see how happiness no longer needs to be pursued.

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