Where is Heaven without Hell?

You know how we often say “anything is possible”?

So would it be possible to have heaven without hell? To have and to hold just the things that we consider to be heavenly and good, without having to deal with any of its balanced counterparts?

Perhaps all things were neutral at the beginning… until grasping occurred.
Thus creating unbalance in Universe.
Creation of heaven resulted in creation of hell.

Or perhaps the idea of heaven (or good) isn’t really that good… after all, its inability to offer compassion to its opposite balance is quite evident in our daily lives. News find it difficult to forgive mistakes in people, and we of course love the news. There was once a God to blame all of this on, a holy idea leading to wisdom that things were far beyond our control. That holy idea however was changed to “Free Will”… more suited to the purpose of satisfying one’s own anger and vengeance.

Why believe the truth… that God created bad sentient beings because he had to, because just like us… he too had no choice but to work within and comply to the system’s balance. Using that knowledge as our tests, to strengthen our courage and bring wisdom to light. But naaaaaah… it’s far easier and more satisfying just to smash the bad men to bits, destroy their souls, send them all to hell and call ourselves “good heroes” at the end of the day.

No one escapes scientific laws of Universe… not even the architect himself. So grasping continues, creating more joyful and painful experiences at the same time.

Are we the creators of our own hell? Are hell and heaven so far apart or so different? What if we could escape them both?
Is there a way?

Yes there is…
Ask the man they called “The Knower of the Worlds”.

One Response to “Where is Heaven without Hell?”

  1. What’s up? I just wanted to say that I really love your post.

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