The First Battle

The First Battle…

Chapter 1: The Pawns.

Lookin on… outside the windscreen of his vehicle. Agent Anger stared furiously at the traffic jam directly in front of him, having run 30 minutes late for the programming meeting… a minor explosion was just around the corner. “Forth bloody time this week! Freakin hell!” he thought. He opened the window the yelled at some cars in the front “Get a move on you dumb shits!” Waving his fist around with very little result in aiding the movement of the traffic, only to get some angry eyes looking back at him. “Oh! Bugger it!” He said as he grabbed the phone to call his boss – gotta be nice with the boss… decisive wordings needed when speaking to someone with higher command. Oh! Bugger that too! That damn boss can go to hell as well!

Ring… ring….

“Hello yes this is the manager’s office – speak your mind or I’ll let you hear mine… haha…” the voice came in so quick like machine gun from the other side of the phone.

“Hi boss… sounds like you had a… coffee or two” said Anger.

“Well yes well Anger, would you be late again for this already FINISHED 4 o’clock meeting!?”

“Errr… err… boss, let me explai…”

“Let you explain nothin! Just get your ass back here then we’ll talk!” the boss roared down thunder together with a slamming of the office telephone back onto the receiver… BANG!

“Shit!” Agent Anger cursed. “I hate this guy… and the bloody name on him, Greed… Agent Greed. He just wants everything yesterday! Who the hell can comply to his supremely impossible cravings?” Anger sighed.


Chapter 2: The Horses.

Agent Greed having just put down the telephone notices a figure standing at the door of his office. It is Agent Pride. With a low commanding voice “Hello Greed.”

“yea… hi boss… how you doin?”

“I ain’t happy with the way I’m lookin soldier…” said Pride as he fixed his stare on Agent Greed. “The way that I’m valued by others ain’t up to my typical standards mate, in fact… they de-value me… RIGHT IN FRONTA MY FACE!” he hammered.

“a.. a.. I’m sorry boss…we’re trying our hardest to reprogram the public to your image, but it seems Anger ain’t doing his job very well… I mean his actions are not getting the results we all want”

“Well he better! Is he de-valuing others to uplift me?”

“Errr.. wel…”

“Is he printing those women’s weekly magazines with handsome and beautiful Holywood movie stars caught in some serious shits?”

“errr… I don…”

“Beautiful and rich… gotta shoplift to stay alive? Beautiful and rich… going to jail? Beautiful and rich… marrage splits?. Beautiful and rich… plastic surgeries gone wrong? Is he doing those!? Tell me!”

“errr…I I I I ….”

“Judge! Criticise! Discriminate! And make’em PAY of in the name of our organisation! You go down I go up! Nothin wrong with me! Somethin wrong with you! Make it a Jerrry Springer show. Can you do that?!”

“I think so boss..”

“Well get it done dickweed! Cause I ain’t going down alone. I serve under a very important master whose name is “EGO”. And if my image is shit… SO IS HIS!”

“yes sir boss sir… I’ll get to it right away. I’ll make sure that Anger deals his cards” Said Greed with a pretended fim voice, as he watched Agent Pride plowing out of this office and slamming the door. “Hell… I hate this guy. What’s his constant deal with the image of his being valued or de-valued? What a life… and he serves under Ego, ha! Makes me wonder who THAT GUY works for?”


Chapter 3: The King.

Catching a turbo lift up to the 108th floor required the key

which only Agent Pride has in his possession,

after that… passing the armed guards with high powered automatics,

then the finger prints and retina scans and then finally entering an office full of guns.

Agent Pride simulated in his mind the cold reception of his high command… the Agent of Ego.

“Sir… Agent Pride is here to see you.” A marine’s voice came through the communicator on secure line at Agent Ego’s desk.

“Let him in.”

Knock, knock… “May I come in master?” Asked Agent Pride.

“What’s hot and what’s not agent?” Ego with broken mature accent sitting cross legged in his two million dollar chair.

“I have the general system report to deliver to you sir.” “Good, put it on that table… I’ll have a browse later.” “Aye sir.” said the complying Pride

Take a seat.” Ego ordered, with his finger pointed at a one of the reception chairs where Pride was going to plant himself. Ego went about his tasks, mumbling about paperwork, almost forgetting that Pride was still in the vicinity of his little world. He looked up at Agent Pride who was waiting patiently to be spoken to.

Ego turned his head and took a deep breath… “We got us a problem. It’s… nothing you haven’t fixed for me before, only this time it’s my father.”

“What’s the problem sir…” asked the value & de-value agent.

“I…have served under my father with great care, respect and gratitude… and he had always rewarded me with the same magnitude of love, Agent Pride. But lately it seems, that he has become… impossible for me to please.”

“How so sir?”

Ego looked at Pride and studied him to see if he was ready to receive the next line… but it came out of him never the less. “He’s paranoid”

“Is he warry sir?”

“Yeah, but wirey… is more like it.” Said Ego… “And I do think it’s Grandfather who’s the cause of this… Because lately the old man doesn’t seem to speak the magic words.” Ego said reflectively, then took a sigh. “And now… now my father, the Agent of Fear has nowhere to run… or hide from the ultimate power that be.”

“Smith” Pride said insightfully.

“You knew?” Ego caught by surprise, but later grinned, “he may look like an old man, our anchester and all, and he might even seem small, but the next time you look at him, he’s a Great big wall.”

“The Great Wall of SELF.” Said Agent Pride.

“You’re a good boy Pride, you catch on quick” said Ego, adoring his younger colleague.

“I’ve been doing too many stupid things for too long sir… I figured perhaps it’s time I took the Red Pill and get a little smarter.”

“Hahahaha!” Ego laughed out loud… pointing finger playfully at Pride “You’re a god damn dynamo son of a gun you know that? Oh well my son… if you’re so smart, then tell me… how would you help our father?”

The little red pill dynamo, other wise known as Agent Pride took an extremely long time to contemplate the question as Ego watched patiently at his new powerhouse kid. Then just like that… he came out with it. “We must help the Grandfather first sir… he’s they key”

“That’s a Good idea!” Ego with a frown, staring Pride right in the face and affirming his idea intently. “And?”

“But… However sir… please keep in mind, that once he takes the Red Pill, WE – and I mean all of us here… would gradually cease to exist.”

“Cease to exist!? How?” Ego concerningly querried.

Dynamo paused… believing that the person he speaks to has the capacity to realise the paradox… “Because once he takes the Red Pill sir… He will begin to see that all of his enemies are in his mind. And once that action takes place, a chain of reactions will also follow.


Because without SELF, there can be no FEAR of losing self.

And without FEAR, there will be no EGO to defend it.

Likewise without EGO, I… the value & de-value Agent of PRIDE would no longer exist to serve you.

The rest is simple… Without me, GREED can quit his busy job of servicing me.

And without him to want, to wish and to crave… ANGER is automatically fired.

But you see sir… it’s not a win – or lose condition… it’s just A Way. For we are all very tired of running away from ourselves. It is eventual… and it is inevitable.”

Ego shocked from the data streams coming through his ears, triggering his feeling interface to the level of uproar. “Bloody rediculuous! You’re just a god damn little kid trying to bite off more than you can chew boy! To hell with your ideas… I like my world the bloody way it is! I like my sleepless nights, my pains, my desires, my rejections and my suffering.” Ego shouted with great painful look on his face as it turned red and tears escaping his eyes. “Well perhaps sir…” said the little pride “the next life time you’d be made more humble by others………sir.” “How dare you! Get outta my office you little shit! I’m third down from GOD! You know what that means? It means I will never fall from my heaven!”

“You mean hell sir?”

“Get out! Get out of I’ll have you killed!”

Little pride left the office like he was told, there was nothing more to be said that the Ego could take. It would only make matters worse if he had stayed, not that Ego could kill him, since He was just an Idea and could not die.

Along the way pride thought to himself “If one never falls… then one would never learn either. Since falling means you have to learn to be humble.” He grinned…

Agent Schematics:








Nothing flash, just a good old kung fu mind.

Kill the idea of self…

and the rest dies with it.

This is a re-creation of an old recollection from my first year of monk hood.

When a lady who I respected dearly said to me

All of your enemies are in your mind.

Find them… and be free.

Until this day… I have never forgotten her words.

phramick ratanapanyo bhikkhu.

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