An opposite force to this..


According to several Creation texts outlining the “Twin-Evercycle” of Universes. There is an opposite force to the Degradation Arc, called “Evolution Cycle”. The list below will probably sounds like a joke. But to me, the term “Evolution” we keep hearing in our lifetime doesn’t make sense. We seem to be confusing evolution with survival adaptation.

Here’s that list of insanity:

  • Every Evolution Cycle begins at the end of Degradation one. Right after the great human wipeout, when population is reduced to less than 5% of current. Survivors of said destruction who avoided the war and hid in the mountains amongst the chaos now ashamed of the carnage witnessed. Like roaches, they have become extremely short, require very little water to live, tough as hell and although with a less than half current lifespan, and limited brain capacity. They knew what had to be done:
  • Sentient life immediately ceases killing, lying, theft, cheating & addiction to substances.. bringing an end to every conflict.
  • ‎Lifespan increases by 1 year-old every 100 years.
  • Life’s adaptation to nature gradually comes to an end. In its place, nature provides the living; rice seeds become larger without hull, other plants no longer require outer hulls for protection, foods no longer need to be processed prior to consumption.
  • Animals become more aware of their trapped forms and in turn… no long be reborn as animals
  • Evolution of Hair.. ZERO.
  • Sex perceived as pure evil and dealt with to the extreme.
  • Discontinued consumption of physical food leads to elimination of waste exits and eventually sexual organs
  • Brain waves in constant Beta and Alpha
  • Heaven draws closer until adjacent to Earth
  • Growing taller, living even longer, lifespans matching those of low heaven.
  • Bodies emerge as more refined, no longer made of physical particles.
  • ‎Emitting light from within.
  • Evil too shameful to exist. One negative thought and everyone stares. More negativity and the individual’s inner light dims. One can traverse the vast galaxy in attempt to evade but won’t escape their gazes. Good is GOOD and isn’t unconditional love.
  • Experience absolute Timelessness.
  • Born of flowers, lightning, Earth, fire and other elements
  • Worship a life-spark entity called “Motherverse”. Yes God is female
  • But are neither religious nor spiritual due to complete lack of suffering
  • ‎The end of the cycle sees sentient’s lifespan at over 800,000 existing in pure energy. An era of absolute boredom. Negativity and conflicts eventually ensues, those with physical bodies will be born on the 4th planet from the sun.

In one of the ‘Creation Texts’ a character said to another whose inner-light became dimmed through her negative actions “Any more like you, the stars, the Moon and Sun will reappear. You want us back to counting day, month and year?”

According to Buddhist text: One person becomes a Buddha but the teaching reaches no one.


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