A Precept-less Monk


Adam and Steve had a discussion in front of a Buddhist monk.

Adam said “Monks are considered to be higher than people, since they hold the 227 precepts, right venerable?”

“Naah… high and low are just matter of perception.” Said Steve.

I am precept-less.” Voiced the man in robe.

“W-Ha?????” Both men were stunned.

“From precepts, I realised that Universe is precise and balanced, however I no longer fear Karma. I have no more desire to be good nor discriminate evil, because I no longer need to love me. Therefore I have ridden all of my precepts.” Replied the man in robe.

phramick ratanapanyo bhikkhu.


4 Responses to “A Precept-less Monk”

  1. The_Filozopher Says:

    G’d on ya, mate! 🙂

  2. Mad Monk Mick is at it again. He continues to violate Buddha’s precepts (rules) as found in the Vinaya Sutta. I could count the ways but it would take up too much space. CONGRATS to Mad Monk Mick who belongs in da Monk Hall of Fame.

  3. Thanx for all your comments guys!

    Please remember that being precept-less simply means one does not continue to carry the boat up shore. For attachment is heavy. No matter how good we believe those attachments to be.

    Precepts were adhered to until they’ve been encoded into our very habits, especially the 5-precepts. The karma of balance and universal traffic laws. Precepts changed most traffic lights to green, eliminating road rages, nasty drivers, speeding tickets, fines, etc… allowing safer paths of travel and our compassion to grow. But as time progressed, fear of Karma and love of SELF still remains.

    Precepts are important, but mindfulness is the ultimate step.

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