☼ Babblings



Pulsating “Babbles” is the name of the game in this newly created section… dedicated to the various impulses of life; writings, responses, reviews, complaints, shock treatments, ice-creams, etc… from the most power-hungry Managements all the way down to the poor janitors here at “Insane Beggar Production”.


Pulsate your ways and leave your comments, but not your mess arrrrrrrrrrr!

Level 2 Janitor.



2 Responses to “☼ Babblings”

  1. infant7sorrow Says:

    sanity sways way away
    from bread crumb huggers
    the plague of day
    confused its simple
    relax and unwind
    very bad to worse
    while the flux is in sign
    pointing to prophecies
    undreamed of by man
    vanishing before us always
    lost in the sand

  2. Bruce Gordon Says:

    Dear MM Mick – Your site and insane ramblings are sooo cool. Miss you in Thailand bro – bruce

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