The Selfless Universe



The Mind….

a great mystery indeed, where every function of it is an illusion – both to those who allow themselves to be conned by this illusion… as well as those who do not. An ultimate Paradox…


Like chess games in constant play without any way of stopping, causing and effecting… the minds are no doubt the most essential gears to the continuity of Universe.


And Universe is precisely engineered where everyone and everything has tasks which are vital to the on-going and balance of the system. Similar to the way cats and dogs have their jobs, humans too are no exception. And although it may seem that our tasks are far superior to animals… that our goals are to achieve happiness, to eliminate suffering and death. However, in doing so, our final destinations appear to be the consummation and annihilation of everything else in all vicinities… as proven by long history of existence.


But still Universe is balanced and continuing to function precisely.

Everything happens just the way it should.


But it is our over forcing intellect that constantly fails to penetrate the simplicity of its design. Its existence is pure energies… vibrating in frequencies, and based on just a few simple rules. But as long as one still denies or struggles against the responsibilities of Universe… its weights will be piled upon one’s own Thoughts.


Thoughts do not lead to reality or truth…
Truth cannot be realised
when one
is still governed by the conning mind.




Attachments to these Thoughts

naturally lead to manifestation

of “Self”.



Thus “Self” is Thoughts.





Whether awareness of this Selfless Universe

happens to a person or not…

is no mistakes of Universe,

as it remains forever “selfless”.



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