Auto Focus!

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

And Hoooorey to “Recognition of the Auto Focus!”

That’s right I am talking about Automatic Meditation… when the mind decides to “self-meditate”. Like the idea already? Yes nothing but good old habit. Another name for this feature is Samma Samadhi (Right Concentration).


You see… most of us self-meditate without being aware, however realizing of this mental function is crucial and will save practitioners much time and effort.

Because with this:

Awareness highly stable,
Movements easily detected,
Memories quickly sought
and all Thoughts rise slowly.

Trick is allowing “it” be
and see it all happening without “me”.


Then comes… the whole goody package Buddha’s teaching. Great awareness of Auto Mindfulness of Auto Movement of attention, Auto Investigation, Auto Questioning, Auto Argument and even Auto Wisdom.
All of this… unintentionally and automatically without me!


I’ll give you an example: Yesterday while taking groups for walking meditation… we stopped inside an old meditation sala, with our bare feet on the old wooden floor. I swept my eyes across the floor and found the object of meditation… a cross-hair target ( + ). And right there, “it” said “I’ll fix my eyes on that cross-hair” My eyes set themselves as instructed. Four seconds later, they moved 5 inches… “You loser! You can’t even keep your eyes still” and then “Now, now… that’s the nature of Universe. Things must change due to suffering”.

I watched as “IT” sets its own goals, argue with the failures and attempted to Kung-Fu back with wisdom. Hmmmm… I understand “HE” is thinking, Phra Mick is suffering, Phra Mick is… a puppet, a pre-programmed machine. Just the 5 Aggregates… simply Universe, simply suffering.

Every little “me(s)” are “me” no longer.



Mornings… everyone’s asleep. Delusion hits like a big breakfast. Full of “me me me me”.
Day time frustration times… dislikes happen like a house on fire,
Night times desires are for deserts.

Whether me or no me… it’s the same for everybody.

Mondays, its feels slow and heavy,
Fridays and paydays its light and happy.


All of this… automatically.
All of this… unintentionally.
All of it… without “me”.


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