Right Mindfulness (Samma Sati)

Right Mindfulness (Samma Sati)


Right mindfulness is knowing which unintentionally follows actions… allowing events to happen naturally first, then aware of them. This leads to realising the nature of things as they truly are.

Mental suffering occurs only when one is unmindful… most practitioners when not practicing aren’t mindful… it is impossible for one to know oneself when unaware. Trying to practice awareness on the other hand, is making it happen.  Controlling “me” and this too applies to most practitioners.  Forcing “me” makes truckloads of “me”. See both the dilemmas and the two extremes of practice? So how do we walk the middle path and build a knowing engine which knows itself automatically when we are unaware?


Training for Right Mindfulness is quite simple…

1.  Allow yourself be as naturally as you can… relax, and avoid preempting (being ready for) any actions.


2.  Once an action occurs… follow it without using thoughts.  For example: know when eyes are moving in their sockets, know when scratching, changing postures, thinking, feeling, etc… without thinking and without stumbling into the thoughts.  This is similar to learning a new silent language.  Train the mind to know itself repeatedly will gradually build mental habits of following actions.  When one is unaware… this habitual function kicks in as actions happen.


3.  After knowing… narrating, interfering or correcting must be avoided.  This action of adjustment too is another sneaky part of the conning mind and if allowed to happen frequently, will generate a nasty habit which will be difficult to correct in the future.


These trainings amplify true compassion… as compassion exists spherically, until a view/idea blocks the way.  One does not aim to be a good person, because in the eyes of a good… bad exists, one fails compassion and stumbles into right and wrong.  Habits are easy to make, they occur unintentionally and die hard… Right Knowing is just another habit.



Knowing is not preempting, trying to be ready for or wanting to engage. It is not focusing, tailing, shadowing, narrating, shunting, interrupting, talking, teaching, analysing, elaborating, adjusting or suppressing the mind. Right Knowing… the Middle Path must be free from all mental struggles… free from being towed away by defilements, as well as free from attempts to suppress and control the defilements themselves. Therefore, knowing unintentionally while being reckless or absent-minded is Right Knowing.

End Technical


The Resulting Wisdom.

Knowing itself is not enlightenment. It is only the path up to the house… not the house or the “Realisation” itself.  Knowing just allows practitioners to see whether one is responsible for any of one’s own actions.  Such as eye movements which must occur every 4 seconds.  Feelings which arises from eye-contacts every 4 seconds, etc…

The finest points of Right Mindfulness is when one is able to see the tiniest strings that move this puppet.  They are the quick flashes of subliminal thoughts… containing the words “I”, “me”, “my” and “mine”.  The question to ask oneself is “Who made these thoughts?”


When to practice

If a surgeon tries to know his own mind when he’s making precision cuts on his patients, he’d probably miss. So knowing does not need to be constant… when we’re working… we work. And when we realise… we realise.

“Oh GOD! I saw Ven. Sariputta jump over the puddle of water! Oh dear lord! The Buddha lied about him being enlightened!”

OK, as usual… if all else fails and people hate you when you practice, because you’re letting yourself be… just tell them “Don’t bother looking at others, just look at yourselves!” but gauge your audiences carefully as some lotuses are still buried deep under the mud with a great big heavy rock sitting on top.


Those who realised the truth appear no different to any

normal human beings, with only one exception…

Normal person was angry 3 days ago, and just realised now,

Practitioners know their actions in split seconds.


Practice should be light and easy, simple and clear, in life not in seclusion.
Freedom from the conning mind is just around the corner.


in dhamma – a burning flame like the rest.
phramick ratanapanyo bhikkhu.

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