Pre-destined for Conflict Oriented


Ever dreamed that countries would disappear from our conceptual thinking?

Where there are no borders, no nationalities, no badges, no greed, no rich, no poor, no fears and no differences in the human race?


Wishing that…
IF only certain changes were made in the Past…
IF only people were more educated earlier on…
IF only they did not live in fears…
IF only they could place themselves in others’ shoes…

This world that we know would have been a different…
IF only…
IF, IF, IF, if if if…
There would be Peace,




Was peace ever a “meant to be” concept?
Is peace simply too boring for us humans?
Or are conflicts and wars just a lot more enjoyable and entertaining games to watch?


‘Cos after all, we love bad news.  We buy into the excitements of conflicts.  We love action movies… not filled with boring, but cool conflicting characters, orientated around endless problems and solutions… arising from incompatible ideas or thoughts.  No matter how many problems are solved, there are destined to be new collisions ahead.

And if you’re a soap fan, then you’re in for even more catfight personafying dramas.  Where very little problems are amped and magnified into massive perplexities by the squandering minds.  Mouths would flap, Faces get slapped and hormones would fly!  And although no one may appear to die from physical injuries… they’d surely die later from the self-inflicting stresses.



Undefeated Samurai, Miyamoto Musashi mentioned on several occasions of his visions “The Art of War”.  That ultimately, war isn’t a conflict between millions of people, but only two.  Whether be a Battle, a Duel or Disharmony within one’s own mind.  This startling fact, coupled with one’s own knowledge of zodiac’s opposing-animal-symbol of the three Kings – pierced into the dysfunctional behaviors of world leaders shed new lights on the true designs and final destination of Universe.  A collapse.  That “All things do come to an end”.  My favorite line is that of Buddha’s “All concocted things disintegrate”.

A Leader, no matter how sadistic… has attractive persona and finesse to draw others towards him.  And leading them towards heaven, hell or a collapsing end would be a part of his job.


Why Jobs?

Should a cat kill a bird… a Buddhist may blame the cat.  “Bad cat!” or “Bad King!”  However, Universe is build on perfect precision harmony and balance… there are no accidents or coincidents.  The cat has a job to kill and likewise the bird has a job to die.  But since energy cannot be destroyed, therefore no one truly dies.  Deep eh?  Not really… these are just simple laws of physics.


For Universe to Perpetuate…

Love and hate are a must… for without grasping and conflicts, the gears will not turn and time as we know it would disappear.  Universe shall no longer perpetuate.  So brings us to the third law of Physics; “Energy cannot remain in one state too long.”  This surely boosts perpetuation.


Peace or No Peace?

There is peace outside of this pre-designed system, known as Nirvana, a defective gear refusing to turn can no longer be allowed back into the harmonious equation.  Nirvana is just a few clicks away from where you understood things as they are.  Peace inside the pre-designed system appears temporary, however terminally fake.

This pre-designed movie has an pre-designed ending or destination, most already foretold by Buddha, Jesus, Nostradamus and other prophets.  The “I shouldn’t have turned left – because of that… I got robbed!  Man! if only I chose to…” is incorrect, since events unfold in straight lines and in mathematical precision.  Consequently, once true comprehension of Karma is reached… all questionings, doubts and fears would cease to exist.

Unchecked Thinking keep you trapped in the game, throws you forward, blinding you from the present moment and most of all, creating conflicts and illusions of choice.  Unmindful Wisdom are equally as misleading.



No solution at all!
Hahaha just kidding.
Use IT… to see IT move by itself… to Realise how the “YOU” isn’t you.
Not your movie, not your game, not your war, not your death and certainly not your life.
After that… have a nice day!
Really!  I mean it.



In Dhamma – another mental prison and burning idea like the rest.
Phra Mick Ratanapanyo Bhikkhu.


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