Defecting Perpetuation – End of Rebirth


Universe requires constant perpetuation. Why? I do not know since I did not make the rules… however, nothing seems to be still, and although certain things may appear to be still at a given moment, they cannot remain that way for too long. Take human bodies for example… bodies can’t just sit, stand, walk, talk, eat or lie down for too long. Certain triggers whether be an interruption or simply a feeling (technical: data coming through eye, ear, nose, tongue, touch, thought, memory or feeling interfaces) would cause the postures to change. The Nature of Universe is so…

Without the abilities to prevent the sun from rising and falling… Temperature is another example of triggers playing major roles in the destruction of all things… expansion & contraction deteriorate body cells causing aging, generate bush fires, destroy houses, cause major wear & tare in vehicles’ engines – with several mechanical moving parts are trying to work together, while parts expand and contract at different rates. Expansion & contraction are also famous for their abilities to crush big heavy rocks in deserts, turning them into sand dunes. Rocks expand during the days and contract at nights when temperature drops, causing molecular deconstruction of space particles which eventually break down.

These are the Universal Gears of Change & Perpetuation and we are all a part of it, all connected, extremely balanced and working in perfect harmony.

Every gear must perform its tasks accordingly, triggering and turning other gears, at the same time being turned and triggered by others… receiving and passing on energy, keeping Universe in constant flux. Balance is of great importance… every action must have equal reaction. A gear depleted of positive energy must choicelessly remain in the negative energy, until that too depletes out. A king born of great power capable of ordering many millions of beings to kill and to be killed, resulting in depletion of his good energy. The balanced effect of this is a waiting period in dimensions of low energies such as animal, ghost, hell or some other Universal dimensions where time is relatively slower than others.

A low energy realm has long days and long nights, when we say “time flies when you’re having fun” this is true, since fun is a high and positive energy… time is relatively quick there. Further more… low energy realms are often depressive, extremely irrational and schizophrenic where refuge from fears and dangers are nowhere to be found.

Religions teach methods to maneuver through this balance (Karma), known as Commandments or Precepts… “Live by the sword and die by one” said Jesu of Nazareth.

Now this perpetuation design appears flawless. However should one envision the never-ending struggle nature of Universe, plus the never-ending rebirths and the pain caused by many furious dimensions Universe has to offer… and label them all as “Suffering“… one shall come to realise the first Noble Truth. Because these are flaws in the design… flaws which allow an exit to the game, where Buddha-hood is sure to materialise.



A Defective Piece on the Chessboard

It is when one of the gears of perpetuation becomes defective and no longer performs its perpetuating task. Upon inspection, there appears to be nothing wrong with it, but when being forced to turn, it refuses. Similar to a defective piece on the chess board… a piece that would no longer comply to suggestive and destructive commands, but at the same time it would not resist the laws of nature. So naturally it does not appear to be defective, but when a player tells it to “run like hell from fears and purchase nukes from russia” or “destroy another piece because you absolutely hate it”, it would refuse to comply.

This isn’t just annoying to the designer of the game, but rather it poses a serious threat to the game itself! This perpetuation game set could break down miserably and the Matrix might even crash entirely. Further more, this defective piece is so at-one with Universe and possesses immense Universal energy. It cannot be easily removed from the game. To make matters worse, it may stay and teach other pieces to defect as well. One thing is for certain though, it will surely be banned from entering the next game! Hahahaha.



No more rebirth

Once upon a time… the Buddha intercepted a man named Angulimala… a serial killer who set himself a goal of 1000 kills to achieve his realisation of truth. Losing body counts at the beginning, he began cutting off his victims’ fingers and made a long necklace with them to keep count of the score.

That day he was on his way to murder his 1000+ victim who turned out to be his own mother. The Enlightened One offered himself as a new target… making the killer chase him down until he puffed out and could hardly breathe, let alone go one round with a skinny house mosquito. While lying on the forest grounds, out of strength, the killer desperately plea to The Buddha “Please monk… I can’t go on… please stop”.

The One replied “Angulimala, I already have STOPPED. But you… have you stopped (being used as another piece on the chess board)?”


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  1. Interesting article. Keep up the great work. Thanks again, Alexis

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