The Power of Greed, Hatred & Delusion

People who realised greed, hatred and delusion can choose to become the ultimate scholars who provide philosophical views of the 5 aggregates (see “Pages” for more).

However, those who know and can USE greed, hatred and delusion to their advantage can choose to peacefully manage the people around them.

10 Responses to “The Power of Greed, Hatred & Delusion”

  1. false!

    i can’t imagine how using the three defilements can create peace. As the Buddha said i the Dhammapada (and Unibuds Bodhi Nite 2004), “Hatred does not end with hatred, only by love is hatred appeased.”

    Am i right? So what did i win?

    • akash sharma Says:

      u r n idiot ,power of hatred ,greed and delusion is what actually makes people strong enough to compete and manage people around.when u see something that somebody has but not u,then greed is born,and when u dont get that particular thing for a long time,hatred is born and then the desire to get that thing at any cost can help u to get that thing.

  2. true!

    i don’t know any responses to this…. but its true!

    it’s truuuuuueeeeee!!!!!!!!

  3. i see…so it’s true bcos you said so.

    catfight round 1 – Tina wins.

    it’s false.


  4. more like…rrrrrraaaauuwwwwww

  5. OK…. seriously now (in indian accent).

    The mind with a mind of its own… like a naughty little kid with greed, hatred and delusion as its nature.

    Samma Samadhi (right meditation) – is meditation within the Middle Path… without any mental rebirths.

    Why the term “Samma Samadhi”?
    Because it comes with Wisdom.

    This means “Right Meditation” does not contain “wanting”, desire or forcing of focuses… and it only comes after Samma Sati (right mindfulness).

    To practice stillness meditation properly, one does not aim focus on the body and mind… instead one finds a good feeling, and then offering it to the mind, like offering ice cream or lollies to the naughty little kids to stop them from causing havoc. Kids love ice creams, and they will stay with it for a while.

    Bad feelings naturally cause irritations to the mind and make it jump… the mind won’t stay with it, and that too is its nature.

    So with wisdom, one does not care whether one has a “good meditation” or not.

    Now… although greed, hatred & delusion are poisons… and a person who realised greed, hatred and delusion can no longer be conned by the world. But a person who can USE greed, hatred and delusion can destroy OR help to prolong Buddhism in this big bad delusional world.

    Ever wonder why the Buddha gave serious thoughts of not teaching?

    A player at the level of the Buddha… when he tells you the mind is fast… trust me… it’s damn fast and many will miss it in a life-time. A company like Buddhism containing monks, nuns and lay communities… all with various levels of capacities will not be easy to maintain.

    Ever wonder why the first group Arahant monks during the Buddha’s time only had 8 precepts? Later after the oh so many complaints from the people, together with the increase in population of unenlightened monks, their precepts jumped up to 227… why why why?

    I mean… Here I am… the dude who’s gotta help maintain the show, so that they can get conned by this show about nothing. And the worst part is… some don’t even wanna stop getting conned by their minds, so that they can keep getting conned by Buddhism and everything else!

    ……hhhhaaaaaa (sigh with tiredness)

    Buddhism is just a “Path” to practitioners with wisdom… but it is still a mental prison to most.

    ok ok…. enough of my babbling…

    So in conclusion my dear wonderful sister pricess (stil in indian accent)… apart from unchanged texts, proper practices and teachings…. Greed, Hatred and Delusion also help saved Buddhism.

    you agree?

    see what you did again?
    you made me type another whole page….
    ……hhhhaaaaaa (more sigh with tiredness)
    clever use of your GHD on me sister.

    new score:
    tina = 1
    phramick = 1

  6. Greed, Hatred & Delusion – mental states, leading to actions, leading to suffering. Karma.

    The neutralization of Greed, Hatred & Delusion, through Contentment, Compassion & Wisdom – leading to pure mental states, pure karma, no suffering. Karma.

    It’s all karma and the ceasation of karma. That’s all.

  7. This is hard to explain.

    It depends on “who” you are using GHD on…
    One must understand Greed, Hatred & Delusion before being able to use them.
    This means a clear vision of Universe must already be present.

    That means… if there is still idea of “me” in the Mind… then don’t use GHD to work on it.

    But… if this Mind (entity, energy, universe, as is, karma, not me, not anyone) is understood, then using GHD on it will be a excellent management. Similar to a kindergarten teacher who can achieve great co-operation from little kids without administering any controls… but by knowing their likes and dislikes.

    Because greatest victories of wars are always achieved with kindness… and those includes wars in the minds.
    This is not about ownership or controls, but about comprehending Universe’s traffic laws.

    Hope this helps.

    ps: everyone has perspectives… so everytime a text is written and read, it will be comprehended in least 2 perspectives. And in this insane world where most dreamers think that they are sane, many perspectives are dangerous because of how they will be understood and used. This is perhaps the very reason why my masters do not write books.

  8. I will not argue with your endings because I think you’re right on the money! You have put together a coherent case for your opinions and now I know more about this specific topic. Gives Thanks for this intelligent post and i will come back for more.

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