What God is for…

Have you ever been hated religiously by someone?

Of course… we all have.

What did you say to them? How did you respond? Did you kill them? Kick their groins? Puncture their car’s tyres and super-glue the hub-caps for extra fuss and inconvenience? Or did you do nothing? Or perhaps… follow them home and mark their house co-ordinates for preemptive ICBM strike?

Behold my method! Perform no such ignorant deeds!
Because not only those methods of violence fix nothing, but more importantly… there is a way far… far more annoying.

Follow the way of Jesus:

Ahakmad: Vat are zeese people doing bowing down to zhe monks and not zhe God?

Jesus: Oh you don’t like it?

Ahakmad: No I hate it!

Jesus: There… see? That’s God.

Ahakmad: I no understant!

Jesus: Well… easy, it means that you didn’t design it! Because if you did… you’d choose to have everything exactly the way you want it… your colours… your music… your ideas… your thoughts… your ways… your values of beauties and ugliness and ultimately… your beliefs.  Now since you have chosen to embrace a God into your heart, why should you continue to judge his creations?

Ahakmad: Oh….? I never zaw it zat vay before.

Jesus: There you have it.

Ahakmad: No me ztill hates it!

Jesus: Of course you do… it’s not your fault.

One Response to “What God is for…”

  1. The_Filozopher Says:

    I believe that if Jesus & Siddhartha were to meet each other, it would be a reunion of kindred spirits. Wassalam Allaiqum!

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