☼ Events

Buddhism, like everything else is an idea…

A mental-movie comprised of data flowing through our eyes and ears, bouncing around in thoughts, memories and feelings.

And like any others movies;- whether be TV, IMAX, Newspapers, or Life itself… a congregation is needed to add more colours, styles and characters to it.

Events are made just for that.

5 Responses to “☼ Events”

  1. julie and buddy Says:

    hi, phra micky, we met the other day on the ferryboat . now we are back in germany. thank you again for your kindness to show us around your temple.this e-mail we write from the home of our friend in the city of bonn . this noon we leave for our home in glücksburg and hope we will arrive at 6.45 pm.

    greetings from germany, j&b

  2. Hello,

    Never met, but am just now becoming aware of this Path.

    From Conshohocken, PA, outside Philadelphia, USA.

    Like to see your temple some day.

    michael j

  3. colin bryson Says:

    to be yourself there is nothing else. to have fear thats when the bullshits starts following and you start not being one self theres one thing, be happy what you are be happy with what got dont dwell on the past dont look to the future enjoy the present day because you mite not live tomorrow and the next life mite not be that good and be thankful you human this life have a nice day love and best wishs khun colin

  4. yanasobhon bhiksuu Says:

    hi hello หลวงพี่มิกซ์ เป็นไงบ้างครับ

    สบายดีหรือเปล่า ออสเตรเลียหนาวหรือร้อน

    กรุงเทพ ร้อนมากๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆ ฮ่า…


    อย่าฉัน (ทาน) ข้าวเยอะนะครับเดี๋ยวอ้วน จะไม่ได้มาที่ thailand อีก


    หลวงพี่ไม่อยู่ก็คิดถึง..ไม่มีคนกวน ..ฮา


    Too Fat Too Furious …. พระมหาแจ้

    email มาหาบ้างเน้อ

  5. sorry no Thai keyboard…
    Can you gimme your EMAIL address please TofTof?
    I will reply using my HTC.


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