The Secret Water Torture Technique


The thought of having to get up constantly to go to the toilet at nights is a torture in itself. 
But to do it purposely for the sake of Dhamma practice opens up a whole new dimension of training.


Try this at home… it works better than a Jedi mind trick.
I drank overwhelming amount of fluids at nights, expecting regular evacuations.  Each time returning to bed, I sat there, and programmed this into me “You don’t sleep again until you’re awake.”


“Awake” in this place means being free from delusion… knowing body movements to be automatic, not self, not soul.  Knowing thoughts and wisdom to be not automatic, self, not soul… clearly seeing the selfless Universe.  Once I’m satisfied, it can go back to sleep.


First few nights were absolute killers… no sleep till awake.  Ha! A war of ideas that hopefully manifests into wisdom.  But pretty soon the mind gets scared.  Scared that it won’t sleep enough, too tired to work the next day.  Resulting in speeding up of the knowing process… a system dramatically boosting itself to comply to the new conditions.  This is how one tricks the mind.


Great technique. 
I gave it 10/10.
Try it and see.



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