The Eyes

Ever wonder why big outdoor billboards are so SIMPLE?

Although they cost so much to rent for the amount of space they take up – for example: $10,000 AUD per month for a (15 x 5)metre sign at White Bay Hotel – Balmain, Sydney, Australia (price not including the manufacturing cost of the sign)… and yet, the simplicity of the signage, just a few letters or words.

3M performed a survey back in the 1960’s in regards to effectiveness of outdoor signage. Points of surveys included the positioning of the signs, lettering heights, thicknesses, fonts, colour contrast of messages vs. substrates, reflective vinyl, etc.. all aiming towards readable distance and attention spans of consumers.

Conclusions were… “that if a sign could not be read within 4 seconds, it will have failed…”, “Due to the approximation of 4-second-per-movement attention span of the human eyes.”

So what does this have to do with Buddhism, science and nature of Universe?

Unsatisfactoriness (or suffering) is the nature of the mind… and it happens after contacts with data streams from Eye-Ear-Nose-Tongue-Touch, before passing on to Feelings, Memories and Thoughts…

When one notices the eyes while they are reckless and absent-minded. One sees that the eyes have minds of their own. Feelings which happens from objects coming into contact with the eyes also have minds of their own. Thoughts about the feelings as well, have minds of their own… similar to program passing on data to another program to process – performing their tasks the way they are suppose to.

Since “Energy cannot remain constant… therefore body and mind will suffer if remained in the same state for too long”, One is meant to Know suffering… not stopping it, for that is additional suffering that we apply to ourselves. Similar to being shot with an arrow, and then intentionally stabbing ourselves several more times with it, in hopeless attempts to end the pain. Suffering is the nature of Universe and it belongs to no-one, only those who take it personally… hence creating the “Ideas of Self”. In other words… Self is in the Thoughts.

The easy way to see the nature of things as they are… is by letting the body be, and noticing it unintentionally… when nodding, legs shaking, blinking, nose picking, scratching, etc….


However, one could see

the nature of Universe

sooo clearly, just by

noticing the “Eyes”…

Detachment is just around the corner.

in dhamma – a burning flame like the rest

phramick ratanapanyo bhikkhu

2 Responses to “The Eyes”

  1. I think the details provided by you were most valuable for students who go for a deeper into the buddh’s teaching .I think if u are able to give more knowledge about the five senses with how they are actually helping to most of the negative feelings of the people is verry verry important .

  2. It appears you have put a lot of hard work into your article and I need a lot more of these on the web in recent times. I sincerely got a kick out of your post. I don’t truly have significantly to say in response, I only wanted to comment to reply amazing work.

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