More Than Humble


As we speak of humbleness… many believed that this human behaviour leads to better interaction and compassion… a mind trained to be gentle and warm, a true judge of character’s patience, understanding as well as the ultimate path to enlightenment.  But in reality, what is humbleness?  Is it just an opposite side of ego, an opposing swing of our mental pendulum?


I know that i am limited in my views of dhamma… but that is nothing new to me or any other practitioners.  Upping this capacity requires me to live again and again and again… on and on until Buddho, or no more learning.  I have never truly decided if i would see it all the way to that.

Humbleness, in my opinion equals itself to ego in terms of delusional value.  They are both conning functions of the mind… especially i find that humbleness itself lurks deeper than ego.  One seeks humbleness because self-love still exists, resulting in the aims to be “good”… forgetting our final point of destination.

Although i never believe or adhere in the right or wrong paths of the practice, there are countless ways to play in a Thought, Memory & Feeling Casino, and my way is just one out of many gazillion different ways, but i prefer investigating just how fast one can get there and at what acceptable understanding capacity.  I find them to be the real workable factors in the practice.  Plus the additional fact that Buddha-hood is nature’s law of becoming… it does not require a wish, for it is inevitable.  There will be Buddhas whether one wishes for it or not.


So should humbleness take to manifest as long as Buddha-hood itself, then one must reconsider whether he wished all of his disciples to become him… that means re-examining his teachings of Selfless Universe.  You never know… one might find that overcoming humbleness is more than humble.



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