Chucky Smart


“Oh for @$#@!$! sake” A woman on the bus sitting a seat away from me whispering a foul tone. Turning to look, I saw how she was completely in her own world overwhelmed with negative thoughts, her angry face & mumbling words continued. She was clearly nuts.
“Hi there!” said I.
“Oh Hi!” she suddenly turned to me, her face completely changed interacting as a normal person would.
Our conversation was short, but as soon as it ended, she reverted back to her angry mumbling again. Getting off the bus, she engaged in a conversation with the driver as if nothing was wrong.
Now I don’t know how psychiatrists would get a patient to show they’re not faking psychosis, but this would be a difficult case to study from a frontal position, especially when they’re chucky-smart. We all have psychopaths in our own minds, great or small. The best way to study them is when they’re unaware. All I know is I am happy to have met mine.

One Response to “Chucky Smart”

  1. Também usadas destinado a marcação dentro de metais.

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