No God, No Good

Ever seen Heroes and Heroines on your TV screens? All appearing in their 20s but going on 40s… hidden identities, living double lives, constant family struggles, having way too much to do than 20 year-olds ever should, and of course on top of all that… the constant ethical struggles for “good”.


The eyes of good view perspectives of evil.



Need I ask if “good” is truly compassionate? Like “laws” are concepts based on fear and greed and prisons are criminals’ universities, producing those who go in small-time, but exit big time – four hundred million light years ahead of street cops, up-to-date with underground arms deals, meet ‘n’ greet, drug trafficking contacts and routines, as well as simple law evasion. But above all else… having survived and graduated from the best of the best master murderers behind bars, they possess skills to sink battleships and 70% of prison parolees would according to statistics “offend again” but with far superior skills than before.

It is impossible to tell who is right or wrong in this world… but it seems for certain however, that we are rarely prepared to end conflicts with forgiveness, compassion or wisdom as taught by all religions and Universal Laws of science.


Which brings us to our bigggg, hanging and about to tip over the edge question…

Why did the Buddha teach equanimity and compassion over the power of good and evil?…
In other words… why do we not strive to achieve “good” as a Buddhist?

Compassion exists spherically… until a view blocks the wayRecognise the phrase? Of course you do… it’s on page 2. Compassion is far more difficult to achieve than good. It means having wisdom that understands Universal Laws existing in all Multi-Verses… laws which no Universe-Creating Gods can ever evade.

So what are we aiming for in Buddhism?
To not be conned by ideas, views or perspectives… including Buddhism.
To not be conned by body & mind and to see its pre-designed & not-self nature.
to intimately realise the selfless and constantly struggling Universe.

Achieve it how?
Train the mind to follow its own actions with mindfulness (Sati) until it is aware and remembers each conning mental states, gradually generating habits and eventually… operates on its own. Un-intently and automatically aware (Samma Sati)

The result?
Compassionate, Awake and Truth.

Could “any” God do this?
Yes… anyone can.


“Buddha, Dhamma, God”
Buddhadasa Bhikkhu.



In Dhamma – a burning flame like the rest.
phra mick ratanapanyo bhikkhu.


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