Godzilla 2014 made a Titan Impression on me


Little heads, huge bellies and a great big-fat-butts. See any resemblance? Both forces of nature are doctorates in Naturalist Demolitions & Purposeful Disambiguation. Humans irritate, but are not on the menu (conditions apply). Lovers of junk foods and radio active snacks.







Man-made monsters so ridiculously huge, our fragile complicated intertwining concocting lives are no longer significant. Cos when it comes to nature shows, humans are just extras. The new Godzilla [2014] was extremely true to its original Japanese story telling with cryptic Shinto-Buddhist viewpoints. It was like watching Princess Mononoke, War of the Worlds [2005] and Monkey Magic all over again. Very philosophical and spiritual. Highly recommended.






Our subtle differences.



PM: “Give me beef in black bean sauce!”
Godzilla: “Nuclear reactor sausage with live submarine crew members dipped in black engine oil sauce.”




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