Actor Caught in the Act


The world is a stage… and everyone is an actor. 


Have you ever noticed that actor within you?  Specifically when it’s out in public view… and especially if you really care about your self-image, when you feel certain sets of eyes focused on you.  This is a fun thing to experience and see… to see an automatic acting robot with mental commands appearing vividly… suggesting it how to move and what to do.


Remember when you saw Denzel Washington scratch his own face with his right thumb in Deja Vu and thought “Wow… what a cool way to scratch his own face!  Well I didn’t.


But while cross Jao-Praya River today… sitting on a ferry among the all walks of life, speaking on the phone in English, eyes of the crowds were on me… Thai people have never ever seen Asian monks speak English before and to them it was like a circus at the Royal Easter Show… so out of nowhere, Itchy face happened… followed by a pictorial thought of Denzel along with words “Here… scratch like a western and they’ll leave you alone”… and thus the Denzel’s thumb-automated face scratching technique was deployed. 


The acting however, was poor… the pretentious side of ourselves take skills to perform and develop.  And it was the first time phramick robot tried this type of face-itch-ending method, therefore it had another thought to re-try, to marginally adjust, to perfect the postures, to really get the hang of it… and ultimately to re-program the face-scratch.


I find this pretentious side of my robot humorous, dis-easing, fussing and suffering.  It takes skills to see, but more importantly, it takes guts to realise it and accept it.  Because after all… we are seekers of truth, are we not?


Ultimate wisdom and happiness is Right Mindfulness.


in dhamma – a burning flame like the rest,


5 Responses to “Actor Caught in the Act”

  1. Hi Bhikku mick-

    I once ordained and stayed with Luang Ta Sayud at Wat Tham Wua about 4 years ago…I was called the Hollywood Monk, Phra Farang, among other names.

    I enjoy your dhamma, it is accessible and fun.

    I was reminiscing about the ol’ days of seeking and found you and Luang Ta.

    If you see him, tell him thank you for me…because of his grace, I was able to have the wonderful seeds of Dhamma planted in my heart, and they continue to fruit with the love and care I give them.

    I am forever indebted to him and I know he is always with me.

    So, farewell Phra Mick and thank you for a wonderful, refreshing drink of humorous dhamma.

    -Jason (Phra Sucitto)

    • Hi Ajahn Sucitto, i took what u wrote and showed to Luongta, he remembers you well! LT sent his regards! PM.

  2. Are u the one they called Phra Oodie?

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