The Dream

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This was an early morning dream, recorded at 4:30am. It is said that ‘dreams’ between 3am – 5am are of angelic times. These dreams are mostly thoughts and emotions in pictorial forms, often little to no dialogue, and if remembered vividly.. are left to open interpretations and careful deciphering.

Open terrain desert, bright rays of morning sun shone on the two armies camped side-by-side. A group of Mongolian men striding in an arrow-head formation, destined for their neighboring camp. I was the third man to the right of our leader, Genghis Khan who walked in the middle and furthest in front. There were about 9 of us. Behind, our most prideful farm hands with their grains and enormous cows. These animals were bigger than our horses. And they were gifts.. to our allies in the war. Still within the boundaries of our camp, faces of Mongols passed me by.. solders, weapon makers, weavers, farmers and cooks. I would not recognize any of these characters today, but in this dream they seemed absolutely familiar.

Coming up to a large blue-purple tent with maroon veil at the center of our neighboring camp. A horn announcement of our arrival was made, a man appeared as the veils parted. He had the tired-eyes of war, hard-angled eyebrows of a strategist leader and dressed in full Turkic armor. Greetings and salutation took place as the two leaders talked. I took a few wide steps to the right still in a watchful position, but with more interest in browsing the weapons outside the camp. “They used curved swords like ours, though less of an arc.” I thought. There were long spears on a table and no shields in sight. “Good. I don’t respect warriors with shields.” I said. Suddenly, it snowed.

I felt the cold flakes landed on my right hand. These were bright white snow falling down in the middle of the desert. Then I heard music coming from the Turkic general’s tent. Its rhythms and rhymes were not of this world. No man-made instruments could produce such atmospheric of lightning and thunder and the singing of higher beings. I knew this song. The tent’s veil parted again and a female-shaped appeared. She wore a fashionable multi-colored head scarf, her body covered in immaculate red dress with vertical gold stripes and flower-decor, royal gold cuffs, big red collar raised far above her neck line, red ‘X’ corset braces running from chest to stomach with gold flower pattern along their vertical sides, three Turkic emblems sitting horizontally below the corset line with a double pearl laces linking them. She had a creamy-transparent veil hovering lower portions of her face, beautiful almond eyes with straight to gentle-arch eyebrows. Her hands lifting her dress as she walked towards my general direction. She stopped to have a conversation with a bannerman, and while speaking with him, she turned my way.. and saw me.

The look on her face changed. I saw a big smile underneath that semi-transparent veil covering her nose and mouth. Her whole being began to glow, omitting inner light as she removed the veil showing her already great big smiley. “She knows me?” I thought. “Do I know her? How? When did I.. Wait… Yes Hahhaa!!” I laughed out loud, tears of joy as she raced towards me like a child.. her hands yanking up her dress as she ran. [I woke up.]

I woke up totally confused. Looked at the clock and it was around 4:30am. No time to reflect, back to sleep.

Morning dreams are funny creatures. They mostly dissipate once you finally wake up, not this one though. Its vividity was in tact. I reflected on it during breakfast.

This was a recognition of an old friend from heaven. As in “There you are finally! What took you so long to get here!”


An opposite force to this..

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According to several Creation texts outlining the “Twin-Evercycle” of Universes. There is an opposite force to the Degradation Arc, called “Evolution Cycle”. The list below will probably sounds like a joke. But to me, the term “Evolution” we keep hearing in our lifetime doesn’t make sense. We seem to be confusing evolution with survival adaptation.

Here’s that list of insanity:

  • Every Evolution Cycle begins at the end of Degradation one. Right after the great human wipeout, when population is reduced to less than 5% of current. Survivors of said destruction who avoided the war and hid in the mountains amongst the chaos now ashamed of the carnage witnessed. Like roaches, they have become extremely short, require very little water to live, tough as hell and although with a less than half current lifespan, and limited brain capacity. They knew what had to be done:
  • Sentient life immediately ceases killing, lying, theft, cheating & addiction to substances.. bringing an end to every conflict.
  • ‎Lifespan increases by 1 year-old every 100 years.
  • Life’s adaptation to nature gradually comes to an end. In its place, nature provides the living; rice seeds become larger without hull, other plants no longer require outer hulls for protection, foods no longer need to be processed prior to consumption.
  • Animals become more aware of their trapped forms and in turn… no long be reborn as animals
  • Evolution of Hair.. ZERO.
  • Sex perceived as pure evil and dealt with to the extreme.
  • Discontinued consumption of physical food leads to elimination of waste exits and eventually sexual organs
  • Brain waves in constant Beta and Alpha
  • Heaven draws closer until adjacent to Earth
  • Growing taller, living even longer, lifespans matching those of low heaven.
  • Bodies emerge as more refined, no longer made of physical particles.
  • ‎Emitting light from within.
  • Evil too shameful to exist. One negative thought and everyone stares. More negativity and the individual’s inner light dims. One can traverse the vast galaxy in attempt to evade but won’t escape their gazes. Good is GOOD and isn’t unconditional love.
  • Experience absolute Timelessness.
  • Born of flowers, lightning, Earth, fire and other elements
  • Worship a life-spark entity called “Motherverse”. Yes God is female
  • But are neither religious nor spiritual due to complete lack of suffering
  • ‎The end of the cycle sees sentient’s lifespan at over 800,000 existing in pure energy. An era of absolute boredom. Negativity and conflicts eventually ensues, those with physical bodies will be born on the 4th planet from the sun.

In one of the ‘Creation Texts’ a character said to another whose inner-light became dimmed through her negative actions “Any more like you, the stars, the Moon and Sun will reappear. You want us back to counting day, month and year?”

According to Buddhist text: One person becomes a Buddha but the teaching reaches no one.


Cut any chain to win

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Paticca Samuppada.jpg


Practice any which way you like…

As long as it cuts at least one of these.


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The greatest teachers, such as Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, etc.. never wrote anything down.


Because they never answered questions. Only persons.

Never took an answer for rocket scientist and gave it to a farmer.
Nor for a farmer and gave it to a brain surgeon.

They realize capacities of their audiences.

The recording of the master answering Mr. Harry Machine Gun Juliana back in 502BC wasn’t meant for anyone else, but Harry Machine Gun Juliana.

Not for me, you or anyone else.




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There’s a War.. on compassion and understanding.
It’s real! I used to see it everyday.
Luckily I don’t fight that war anymore.

Heart of the matter

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“Lord Buddha sir, I wish to disrobe from Bhikkhu life” said one practitioner sitting in front of the Buddha, disappointments dulling his speech and motion. Standing beside him was Sariputta who had brought him to see the Lord of Sages.

“Why would you do that?” Asked the Exalted One.

“The rules that Venerable Maha Kassapa laid out to me induced more suffering now than in my lay life sir.” Replied the Bhikkhu.

“Well for you Bhikkhu…” Said the Buddha. “You can keep just one rule. Can you do that?”

“Yes of course I can my Lord” the Bhikkhu answered cheerfully, his emotions instantly uplifted.

“Keep your mind pure.”

Within a few days the Bhikkhu had attained Arahantship.

Buddhism is beyond interpretation. For Buddha wasn’t God, rather he who was free from all hatred and judgments beyond them all. Keeping the mind pure is hard. Hardest in fact, than all of Bhikkhu’s precepts put together.

Heading to this event! Come join the fun!

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