In Fairness… We Must Forget

Ever wonder why we can’t remember our past lives?

Why is it so technically difficult – this idea of KARMA and REBIRTH?

Is it too CLOSE for us to see with our own eyes?

Or Is it too much of a paradox for us to realise using just our Thoughts?

Maybe… is it too molecularly SIMPLE for us to understand?

Or perhaps… is it to do with fairness – as in being able to cheat the system if we could remember?

Please feel free to express your mind.

5 Responses to “In Fairness… We Must Forget”

  1. That’s an interesting point Mick!
    I’ll go with answer no. 2


  2. hi Vivian…

    Is that the thought & paradox one?


  3. Maybe our karma has led us to see or not see this karma?

    I think many people see karma but, like impermanence, they get caught up in its opposite and worldly ways, and forget it when they live their lives.

    Rebirth is a misnomer. People often define it as something that happens to them after they die, rather than what happens from moment to moment, and so maybe because of this, they rather not try to understand it.

  4. very true…

    i’ve seen it many life times before as my mums were often strong readers.

    Readers are very popular people to the general public, they appear extremely flash to the people… they have their own ways when talking to people… they’re always surrounded by crowds whenever they leave home… the phone calls never ever stop, when somebody wanna buy a house or confirm their new love, hell… even when somebody lost something… they’d call up my mums.


    i often notice my mums never had the equanimity about people. she(s) were always judgemental just in the first insight alone. when i asked her “why did you completely ignore that poor lady mum?” she’d say “you have no idea the karma on her. what i say to her, she would never understand.”

    however… on more than thousands of occasions, my mums had been wrong. people with so called “very bad karma and gonna die soon” didn’t die. they hit their walls pretty hard… but they eventually pulled through it with amazing results. they changed from their negative ways, became dedicated in helping others, many became successful healers.

    one thing very constant though… every reader that i have known do appear quite flashy in this world. but in their own worlds – as in family life of relatives, money, husband, children, etc… they stuggle hard against the streams of their own karma, because unlike everyone else… readers defy the system of karma (especially in memories department). they can help others remember their past and love again as well as hate again.

    and that can be quite dangerous to those without wisdom. attempting to cheat their karmic wheel without the “eyes of their own” and depending entirely on another person with only a view of a short distance future and past.

    i do still however, appreciate readers with great equinimity and dhamma. having a good eye doesn’t mean you have to use it like the rest. you agree?

    and i still enjoy meeting my mums from previous.
    they’re still women this this life time.
    they’re still warm and welcoming.
    they’re still giving and forgiving.
    they’re still learning their ways… some read much less now.
    and they’re still my mums… and some… my sisters.



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