Gone With The Wind


That is what it feels like when we lose our mental training skills in a blink of an eye. Luongta Acariya Boa had also mentioned something similar in one of his practice journals “It was like one minute you were a millionaire, and the next… it’s all gone down the drain.”

In India, before the Buddha’s time… several Hindu scholars left their mentors due to degradation of their special powers, schools would close down and temples abandoned once their teachers lost the Jhanna (ability to enter deep meditation).

Mindfulness is no exception. Worried and concerned, I visited my master, Ajahn Pramote Pamotecho in Chonburi province…

“Master sir… this mind has lost all of its automatic mindfulness abilities.”

The master replied “It isn’t nice is it? But that is the mind’s nature… its job as a device of struggle… its duty to change and becoming, none of which can ever be controlled. Your job is to realize its current states. Know directly into the Five Aggregates, in this very present time. And realise that ultimately… this Mind is the most ridiculous item to be attached to. In fact, the heaviest burden you’ve ever carried.”

“I get it…” I said contemplatingly.

“May you realize true nature because of it.” he concluded.

“Thank you Ajahn.” I said as I bowed low to my teacher.


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