Choice or No Choice?


Is choice an illusion?
Is it just another card thrown at a player?
Are we able to see beyond the current card until the next one arrives?
Some say they can.

Ever had a day when you were lost for words?… when you couldn’t recall a memory?
Some say “my brain isn’t working today…”
I say “the mental movies aren’t playing to me”

Ever had strangers read out your life like a book?
And then it hits you…
If choice were real, if life wasn’t pre-written… these guys would never ever get it right.
There is no prediction for Universe, since she is so harmoniously balanced.

We can chose whether to think: LIFE SUCKS! or THANK GOD I’M ALIVE TO SEE ANOTHER DAY right?
However, those are two separate cards thrown at us…
Card 1 = LIFE SUCKS! ; Card 2 = THANK GOD I’M ALIVE…

One can say confidently the pre-designed nature of Universe.
One has witnessed clearly the preciseness of the system.
One had envisioned the perfect balance and harmony of it all.
And as one understands the non-existence of “coincidence”.
One shall see… no such occurrences as “choice”.


“Prisoners shall continue to play as long as they believe they have a choice.”
The Architect – The Matrix Reloaded.


Highly elusive duty of delusion is…
Only right mindfulness allows us not to stumble.


So what choices manifest at you after you read this post?


In dhamma – another mental movie like the rest.
phramick ratanapanyo bhikkhu.

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