“Religions” are simply doors leading to spirituality. You don’t walk through doors and carry them with you unless you’re mad. Spiritual practitioners who have gone beyond religions can sit together in harmony.

Religions are built on story lines with characters playing out methods of humbleness, sometimes in defiance of tyranny, several miracles defying laws of old physics.. all leading to mental freedom from fear of *Nature*.

Prophets and fathers of religions are non-regurgitators of answers. A prophet would know a person years before she walk through his front door, formulated a one-line answer tailored to suit that specific individual.. answers not formulated for anybody else. There are no two answers the same. Prophets never write. They are masters at delivering to every point-of-view. They get their heads around every viewpoint. They don’t hand bananas to angels nor Universes to monkeys.

Men possess opposing views, hence opposing answers later contradict when they are compared. Conflicts of beliefs are never about religion, rather the lack of wisdom in people. In the perfect now.. it isn’t a problem at all really.

Lightning, thunder, fire, storm and flood, birth, old age, sickness and death.. are all categories of Nature. Along with house on fire, children not doing what they’re told, husband cheating on wives, getting fired from work, etc.. plus every other phenomenon in Universes and Superverse.

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  1. Олег Кунчёг Says:

    ver good post!!! thank you my friend.

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