Mindfulness and Buddhism


While sitting at a pier, waiting for the speed boat… I got bored, so I purchased some bread to feed a school of catfish. I emptied the entire bag down into the water and watched the feeding frenzy. “Too Fat Too Furious.” I called them… and probably way too serious when hungry. The speed boat was hauling my way, so I had to hurry to the dock. But as soon as I turned, a middle aged woman was standing right in front of me, and we suddenly connected.


“Yahhhhhhhh!!!!!!” The lady yelled, her arms cart-wheeling like an old Chinese Kung fu master performing the white-crane block, while she stumbled backwards into some innocent bystanders.

“Ooops! Sorry.” I said… putting my hand up in apologizing posture, as well as to catch her if she falls.

“I don’t want to go to hell… I just touched a monk!” Her red face spoke.

“I’m no monk… I am simply an idea you chose to believe.” I replied.

“Are you a fake monk then? Are you not Buddhist with the precepts?” She asked angrily.

“Well… when one possesses mindfulness, there is no such idea called Buddhism.”

“??????” She gestured.


Although I missed the boat… that too was also just an idea.


In dhamma – a burning flame like the rest.
phramick ratanapanyo bhikkhu.

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