Comprehending The Kid

A teacher who wishes to know and understand her kids should proceed how?

Should she leave her classroom unattended, let the little monkeys go wild and teach themselves? Or Should she hold a big cane stick, use scary threatening speeches and control they way they behave?

You guessed it! Both ways will fail the idea of knowing and understanding miserably.

However, should our smart compassionate giver want to realize “Ah, Dave likes to play the bully, he may have problems at home, he takes it out on Andrew… and Andrew being a shy little kid that he is, doesn’t know how to defend himself… this is why he’s been depressed lately. Jenny is an active outspoken girl and has great potentials, she however lacks confidence when made fun of by other kids and she’s quite sensitive about family issues. And Brian became rather aggressive lately, perhaps he believes it to be the only way to get other kids to stop making fun of his disability, etc… The teacher must learn to let the children be themselves in their own environments, and watch their behaviors from a distance… because teaching and schooling require far more intimacy with pupils rather than just standing and delivering what a teacher thinks he/she might know.

This is similar to a war commander and his newly trained boot-camp unit… a smart commander appears as shadows behind the scenes, separating himself from the drill sergeant and stands on the a rooftop watching his newly trained troops, noticing and learning who would fit naturally to which task ahead.

A Mind let loose without awareness,
simply following its desires…
caged like an animal,
unable to express its true colours
will NOT be understood.

phramick ratanapanyo bhikkhu.
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