Vaccinated for Disappointments


Ever been told you’re getting a new thing? A new toy? A new car? New house, new stove, new computers, new husband (India only fortunately), etc…

These days I’m not easily exited with any new or upcoming gizmos of the techno world. The same goes when I was told the other day that I was getting a brand new notebook as a Sangha Dana. I was like… “Okay, cool…”.

“Phra Mick! It’s gonna be a new Dell XPS!” She said. Think about it… this can replace your old back-breaker HP Pavilion 17” widescreen. You won’t need constant massages on the next world tour with Phra Mana. Besides this is one sexy machine!” she amplified.
“Thanks” I said without any excitement.

Perhaps it was because I already made up my mind to give it to someone else who really needs it, someone who is battling it out there in the dog-eat-dog world… after I set it up the way she likes it and take the pictures of the hard drives, so in any case of forthcoming system instabilities, a rescue could be performed in just 10 minutes. I’m a fortune teller when it comes to general behaviors of the notorious VirusDows-XP.

Not a thought about it, no sexy visions of this new notebook, although I must admit, it does possess a certain level of sex appeal. And it’s been two weeks since I was informed about this new generous offer, but nahh… still not interested… just gonna work on it and give it away… same old same old… SSDD… well… that changed TODAY.

As I laid on my back, eyes open, hands on my stomach, fingers touching lightly, mind watching mind. It saw… A sexy Dell XPS notebook in a streamlined butterfly – similar to a car ad on TV, with nice close-up camera angles panning down one side of the vehicle and showing off its dual tone sleek design. Hmmm… nice and sexy. Knowing caught up with the thoughts, and they stopped. Awakened me back in the same position.

I thought “Swell! That’s how disappointments happens to a person… the mind sucking itself into an idea which could shatter into pieces in the not too distant future!” – Wisdom eh?… not really, believe that wisdom and get conned hahaha. I quickly lifted myself up… and wrote this post.

Following day came a distressed phone call from the donor, followed by shy cancellation of the XPS.
See?  Mindfulness is a nice vaccine!


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