☼ Rhythms & Rhymes

Rhythms & Rhymes

The ultimate of nature of music is its very power to penetrate and change our mental frequencies. “A Hi-Fi Therapy cures a flu” for example… a powerful jolting of the good old rock & roll can make your sick bones jump right outta their beds and dance like John Travolta in Saturday Night Live!

Music is also the very frequencial codes of Universe, containing great messages of wisdom. Similar to the sounds of monks chanting or choirs. A beginning place of all religions, such as India…. the frequencial codecs of Universe never die.

You be the judge of the Rhythms and Rhymes…

5 Responses to “☼ Rhythms & Rhymes”

  1. I truly understand what you are saying here. Music has been very therapeutic to me when it was needed. I played in a band for a long time and think of the performances as a near form of meditation.

  2. Thank you for sharing

  3. Bumiputra_X Says:

    You have great taste in sounds, Masta Mick! You & I gotta catch a concert one of these days. Rock on!

  4. lyndy Moore Eggleton Says:

    I have studied and sung Harmonic Sound for over a decade. I believe that vibrational sound can move mountains, build pyramids and relieve disease.

    Mozart was wise; the catholic church banned an augmented chord as it was (is?) believed to be mind altering. By replenishing missing tones in a voice, by other means, balanced health may be restored. Add resonance to a voice and you increase successful sales and communications potential. Want to learn to listen?

    Does the sound of the earth orbitting alter when natural phenomena intrude on its journey ?

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