Response Of A Sane Lunatic

This response was found posted on the website of our webblog princess, Tina Ng on her tireless effort to help promote Buddhism and Sunnataram’s latest Lokuttara DVD.




Lokuttara DVD




















Sir Peter Ladderman Vournman said,

August 22, 2007 at 3:10 am

I hate Buddhists!
And this DVD is for phychos!
It has warped my fragile little mind!

Only mad people would wanna win over themselves.
I don’t even care to know what that is.

We typical players in this Thought, Memory & Feeling Casino just wanna be oblivious and give up any search for the meaning of life and get hypnotised by the world! So leave us alone with this enlightenment thing already!

We love to get conned by the data streams from our eyes, ear, nose, tongue, touch, thought, memory and feeling. We love to bounce within just 8 of those information streams all day long and get conned by our own stupidity!

I mean who wanna win over themselves?
If somebody puts a crown over your head and call you a chief, doctor, teacher, captain, prime minister, president, King or God. You should learn to dance according to the rhythm of their worlds! Make your happiness completely depend on their ideas, opinions, views, speeches and actions until you crumble and become the slave to the whole system. That’s how you should play! It always guarantees a good outcome.

For example: If a doctor tells you that you have cancer, you should stress, cry, make others cry, cry a whole new river and have your body releasing toxins instead of endorphin making you die quicker than expected and that should help solve all problems in the world.

Or you should go and have faith in a religion, get conned yet again by another flaming idea from others coming in through eyes & ears and bouncing within your thought, memory and feeling. That kind of mental prison is better than cancer and you will die a bit slower than the first example… maybe.

This DVD is only for absolutely crazy people.

And speaking of crazy, I was so shocked about one of the comments from the maker of this DVD. What was his name? “Pa-ra-mi-ki” or something like it. He said: There are only types of people in this world:
1. Crazy people who are mindful enough to know that they are crazy.
2. Crazy people who think that they are not.

Hell I don’t think being born is crazy. I don’t think that being like a virus, causing the most problems in the world and blaming it all on everything else is crazy. I don’t think watching my own family members die is crazy because I never liked anyone of them! And I don’t think that having to die myself is crazy because I never will!

I will live forever, although my 4th heart transplant is coming up, I need two new oxygen tanks beside my bed replaced every week, my liver was removed and replaced by a machine that makes sounds like a screaming Vietnam war veteran being shot by the Vietnamese for fighting war that was not his… and one of my arms is gone. Apart from all that I’m completely helpless & bed ridden! But who cares! Because I will live forever!

I’m pretty sure of it.

Sir Peter Ladderman Vournman

7 Responses to “Response Of A Sane Lunatic”

  1. Dear readers of this extrodinary-webblog by the oh holy Mickey Ray bikkhu, who do you think Sir Peter Ladderman Vournman is?


    Speaking of promotion, Phra Mick, if i go to Cambodia, i wanna take some Sunnataram DVDs to distribute over there. Create some insanity. What do you think? Can i can i? Pretty please with a Pinnacle Summit on top?

  2. Is peepeeweewee you too?

  3. By all means… my dear princess… by all means.

    Tear Phramana’s Heart out for making me order only 1500 copies and not 3000! hahahaha!

    Ofcourse you can! I carried about 5 big boxes of it here to Thailand and it’s a pretty popular DVD so far! most people who watched it can’t understand it, but said “wow! wonderful voice! whose is that?”

    Luongpo Jaokhun made my aunt buy him a new DVD player so visiting people could watch it in the reception room.

    Was that a response from me?
    How long ago?
    i did some searches but couldn’t find it on your website…
    Which topic was it under?


  4. What do you mean ?

  5. Which part are you asking Mr. Music?

  6. In my opinion, here there should not be questions

  7. In my opinion, we should not pee nor shit after food.

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