Immune System Upgrade


Back from Egypt and I’m as sick as a dog again (figure of speech, I love doggies).


That’s what I’ve come to call battling sickness without medicines “immune system upgrade”.  Sickness is a great factor of life, one which makes us stronger each time we overcome it.  Viruses are pretty harmful nowadays, and although scientists say they are as much of a life form as an electric toothbrush… I had on many occasions successfully negotiated peace with them using simple techniques of compassion meditation, well more successfully in Australia than Thailand anyhow.  Perhaps Thai viruses are less negotiable or more vengeful than Australian ones hahahaha.


Monks have been really nice to me and got me food while I am in no condition to go alms round in the mornings.  A coffin maker also offered me a free coffin in case I couldn’t cut it this time.  I asked him “Does it come with internet?”


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