Letting it Show True Colours

A Thai lady once called herself “Mother of Sangha”…

The term “Mae Phra” is common in Thailand… given by monks to generous aged female supporters of Sangha. That was a long time ago for this one brave lady who practiced Mindfulness for the past 5 years. “There were times when I used to feel quite special.” She said… “Especially when senior monks addressed me as “the Mother of Sangha”, I envisioned myself as little sassy chic of Dhamma.” Laughter came from the audiences as colourful words were used by the gracious and respected Thai woman. “However…” she continued, “as I practiced further and further, I saw… that this mind was not some sassy little chic… not at all, but rather, it was more of a raging mega Witch! (Mae Mod in Thai)” Silent!… Shocked crowd sat stiff in their seats, eyebrows raised, trying to figure out if the statement just said was for real or a joke.

She continued… “Because the first time when I let this mind free, I saw its true colours… I realized then it wasn’t “good or great” like I thought it was. It was egocentric, power-mad, opinionated, pessimistic, vengeful, stressfully struggling, constantly grasping and forever dis-easing…” she stared at everyone in the crowd and made sure eye-contacts were made… before continuing “I knew right then that my practice was advancing.”


This happy lump of body flesh that we had so much loved, carried, depended on, maintained, cleaned time and time again… and still imagined it to be “good”, will never ever defy the First Noble Truth (dis-easing & suffering). In fact it is one of the hottest and heaviest objects we had ever picked up and carried.

This happy little mind is no different.

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