Who’s Watching the Mind?

No doubt about it… this is an old classic question of who is watching the mind, if all things are supposedly not self and not soul.

Recalling the repetitive hammering practice this mind was put through in 2007…
I remembered the time I met my new master Ajahn Pramote Pamotecho, at Suan Santi-Dhamma, Chonburi, Thailand.

“Show me how you meditate.” He asked…

I crossed my legs and began to aim my focus at the belly.

“Wrong!” He said. “Who is focusing? And why did you have to change your posture?”

“Sir, I use this focus to watch my mi…”

“Wrong! Who is watching the mind?” He asked… “And who makes it do it?”

“I do not know sir…”

“Why don’t you train your mind to work and see all by itself first? So you don’t have to be there.”

2 Responses to “Who’s Watching the Mind?”

  1. janavansa Says:

    I am looking for ajahn pramote temple address. Please could you write to me his address. I would like contact with this master.

    Thank you

    • His temple is called “Suan Santi-Thum” in Chonburi.
      I was always taken there by van service and don’t really know the way.
      Hope those info helps.

      Next time I’m there I’ll take a GPS reading and give them to you.


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