What does “Zodiac Zoo” have to do with this Selfless Universe?


How can one predict the future?

One needs not be holy…
A good knowledge of astrology will do just fine.
Universe is far too precise for anything to be incident.
Hence there exists no such thing as “prediction”,
but rather the understanding of pre-written chapters.

Changes of course can be made to all pre-prgramming,
however, certain things must also give to maintain the balance.
One can cheat death by dedicating a life time in helping others.

Most importantly… perceptions of this pre-written movie
with actors, actresses, births, aging, sickness and deaths…
aimed purely for emotional viewing -so called Feeling
eventually serves as providores of realisation of
this Selfless Universe.

Don’t just grasp for knowledge of future…
Understand it!

3 Responses to “What does “Zodiac Zoo” have to do with this Selfless Universe?”

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