The truth is between the lines…

in the gaps of thoughts…

in the laws of Universe…

and in the power of realisation.

Masters who can make disciples “realise” truth isn’t a master who tells the truth, but instead he tells them what is not the truth…

For example:

One may find that in the Dhammacakka-Pavattana Sutta (the first sermon) teaching or in Aditaya Pariya Sutta (Fire Discourse) teaching, although the Buddha mentioned the Middle Path, but he did not tell the disciples what it was. Instead he pointed out the two extremes paths which were not the Middle Path.

Being towed away by defilements or data streams from Eye-Ear-Nose-Tongue-Touch (EENTT), Thought, Memory and Feeling is the first extreme path.

And struggling not to be towed away by defilements is the second extreme path which practitioners walk.

Then the Buddha produced the three keys to them to unlock this:

1. Body and Mind (all energy) fluctuate constantly.

2. Body and Mind hate being in one same state – they suffer.

3. Body and Mind have minds of their own.

Disciples who were enlightened understood this… since mental struggles are not the middle path, therefore by not walking the two extreme paths, the middle path will present itself. In other words, do no wrongs, and the right will be automatic.

Practice should be light and easy, simple and clear, in life not in seclusion.

The Thought, Memory & Feeling Casino or the Prison of Ideas can no longer trap those who are free.

in dhamma – a burning flame like the rest.

phramick ratanapanyo bhikkhu.

PS: For more juice – check out “Death of the Shadow…” on the right.

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