The Knowing Middle


The Knowing Middle

Mindfulness without Mental Struggles and Rebirths


Practicing “Knowing” without mental struggles and rebirths is to practice the Middle Path… considered to be the hardest form of practice. Not because of its technicality, but because of its simplicity.

Like peace in the struggle… to find peace,

and comfort on the way… to comfort.

For “Right Knowing” to happen… control of concentration (Samadhi) is required.

Knowing Equilibriums:

  1. Before Knowing
  2. At Moments of Knowing
  3. After knowing

1. Before Knowing

Let truth be truth… Never be ready to find out.

When one wants to know…

one already has derailed off the middle path. Right Knowing must not happen by ways of desire… and it cannot be forced to happen. All mental engagements and struggles do not lead to truth.

Instead, Right Knowing (Samma Sati) emerges naturally from the mind that remembers its pre-mental states.

Many say “Knowing the body and mind is so hard…”
This is untrue, since one gets itchy, angry, happy, sad, depressed, etc… all the time. The mind already retains the memories of those pre-mental states. And it is the “quickening of these memories” that brings a person closer to “Right Knowing”.

This “Quickening” process is trained by following the actions of body and mind without using thoughts. Frequent practice of this will automatically lead to Right Knowing… which expresses itself unintentionally.


Let truth be truth

Never be ready to find out



2. At Moments of Knowing

Follow the truth without stumbling

Body and mind are parts of Universe and cannot be stopped…

Knowing is not about stopping.

Yawning, scratching, blinking, eyeballs moving, head turning, changing postures, cracking knuckles, picking the nose, adjustment of clothing, remembering last Sunday’s event with friends and laughing about it, listening to someone talking and nodding, feeling hungry, thinking about what to eat next, getting cut-off in traffic and getting upset about it, hearing a complaint from mum and feeling unhappy about it, too many phone calls and frustrated with it, etc…

It is not possible for Right Knowing to happen at exactly the same time as actions… however, it is not far behind.


Concentration (Samadhi) is control… but Right Concentration (Samma Samadhi) is not. Why? Because it contains higher wisdom… explained in upcoming article.

Although concentration could be gained by Stillness Meditation (Samadhi), but this concentration still contains desires, controls, struggles, and controlling that which cannot be controlled. Together with other forms of mental-conning (defilements).
All preventing practitioners from seeing true nature of truth, as well as leading to low mental understanding, as well as rebirths (Akusala Jitta).
End Technical


To not stumble, one needs a stable base of concentration (Samadhi), however, as mentioned in Technical… this concentration is still basic.



Samma Samadhi (Right Concentration) emerges naturally after Samma Sati (Right Knowing) with greater wisdom.

A person with Right Knowing appears like any other normal people… only that registration of body and mind is in progress.


Follow the truth without stumbling



3. After Knowing

No controlling or interfering

Once a practitioner realises that he/she had just stumbled… attempts to control usually happens. Flipping and flopping, loosing and tensioning, stumbling and controlling… struggling without ever being awake. This is the second extreme path for practitioners.

Interfering, intervening, intruding, meddling… such as narrating, thinking, philosophizing, teaching, correcting, or even aiming mental focuses are all forms of controls.

To think “my hand just moved!” and then placing focus on the hand are both interfering and stumbling. “Hand” is an Idea… a concept. To know that an object or a lump had just moved by itself… is to know.

Let knowing be knowing… Thinking “It is not me!” is not only a fake realization, but also a mental rebirth… true wisdom is far superior than thoughts. Knowing must not include one’s own additional thoughts. This “Thought” function must be thrown out of the practices completely.

No controlling or interfering


As mentioned many times earlier (I… like those crazy self-repeating philosophers like to repeat myself). Some control of concentration is required for this practice… as these are paths to Right Mindfulness, but not right mindfulness itself.

Using Greed Hatred & Delusion

The mind… like a naughty little child – uncontrollable… loves happy things and hates suffering things. So practices of “Right Knowing” are to be fun, easy, comfortable and never forced.

Right Knowing… like all things,
require a happy home,
or else it will not stay

Ever wonder why the Buddha prefered teaching normal people instead of Brahmins? Non-practitioners have much greater advantage in this practice, but many may fail to realize suffering (1st Noble Truth), and therefore see no point to practice.Practitioners however, who walk the paths of both extremes must go the extra distance to correct their extremities… this will only seem like hard work at first, because control had always been parts of the practice.

Laws of Universe are to be known and realized…

not controlled, forced or stopped.


in dhamma – a burning flame like the rest.

phra mick ratanapanyo bhikkhu.

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