An Amazing Hunter Hound Named “Buddho”

I once heard a Dhamma talk in Thai, a losely translated and summarised portion of the Tripitaka (Buddhist Canonical) by Venerable Phra Kasem Ajinasilo of Wat Sam Yaak, Thailand. Ven. Phra Ajahn Kasem is one of the disciples of Luongta Maha Bowa and he delivered some of the highest teachings in simplified formats, showing the great capacities of the Forest Theravadan Traditions in South East Asia…

On one cold winters day of 479BC in the town of Vanarasi, India. The lord Buddha sat in a serene lunch setting offered by the generosity of the town’s people. Beside him were Venerable Sariputta and Venerable. Moggalana.

Suddenly, The Lord or sages turned to Ven. Sariputta on his right “Sariputta… Do you recall a deer hunter who lives in the southern end of this forest?”

“Yes I do my Lord” Ven. Sariputta replied. “The one who hates Bhikkhus” (monks).

“He’s in trouble and may need your help.” The Buddha continued… “approximately a quarter yode (4 kilometers) north of his place, you should find him.”

“Yes Lord”. Replied the right hand Bhikkhu of great wisdom. “I shall leave at once”.

“Milindha! Milindha! Milinnnnndhaaaa!!!!!” Crying and sobbing in tears…
“Where are you my good Milindha?!!! Ho… ho…. Come baaaaaaaack my friend….” The hunter shouted out loud and continuously at his beloved hunter hound named Milindha, all the while his own body laid on the ground, with his stomache ripped open, fatally wounded from bear attack.

“Milindha! Milindha! Milinnn…”

“Who are you calling layman?” Ven. Sariputta approached the dying man…

“Piss off you bald-headed samana from hell! I don’t wanna see your face!” the hunter shouted in hatred as he saw a Buddhist practitioner approaching.

“Layman… it appears that you have been seriously wounded… let me help you”

“Get lost! You disgust me you robed up bald-head! Milindha! Milindha! Milinnn…”

“Layman! Who is Milindha?” Sariputta pushed the dying man.

“My dog! Now go back to where you came from!”

“I see… you lost your dog.” Sariputta said calmly.

“He followed the bear after it hit me… ohhhhh God! My Milindha… I hope he’s not hurt or dead…” the hunter sobs as the speaks of his beloved friend.

“Layman, I can help you… you see I know of three special Dogs. Huge and amazing hunter hounds that can track down anybody you want.”

“Really? Three great hunter hounds? You mean it?”

“Of course… I’m samana… I don’t lie” Sariputta replied.

“Well what’s their name?!!” the hunter barked the question at the monk.

“Buddho.. . the pack leader, then Dhammo the second, this one can take you anywhere just as good as Buddho, and finally the third… Sangho this one can easily take you to heaven.” The monk of great wisdom shortly explained.

“I can’t remember all of them three names!”

“Just call the leader of the pack!”

“Which one?!!!!”

“BUDDHO!” Sariputta shoved it in.

“Aha! BUDDHO! Buddho! Buddddddhhhhooooo!”

Venerable Sariputta watched as the man repeatedly called the name of the great hunter hound named Buddho, his voice reaching the far end of the forest, the calling went on and on until his body malfunctioned beyond repairs… death.

“BUDDHO! Buddho! Buddddddhhhhooooo!” the mind of the hunter continued on… as he lef his body, similar to a driver getting out of a dead car, still carying the same memory residue of himself… a male hunter… only without the fatal wounding and the new capacity to frequency shift in between different bandwidths of the quantum universe.

“BUDDHO! Buddho!”

The sound was heard by the low heaven frequency…
“BUDDHO! Buddddddhhhhooooo! Hell I’m so tired calling this name… “
Several men of the low heaven frequency surprised after hearing someone calling out this name or using this term…

“Are you lost?” The angels of the Jatumaharachikka – first heaven frequency asked.

“No! Looking for Buddho!!” the hunter shouted.

“Well come this way, let me take you…” said the angels.

“Buddho! Buddho!” looking left and right as he calls the head leader of the hound pack.

“Who is that?!!” asked the angel of the Tavatimsa – 2nd quantum frequency of heaven. “Are you looking for Buddho?”

“Yes! I am!!! I need him to find my…”

“This way please…” the angels guided the man still looking for a lost dog.


“Seems somebody looking for a samana named Buddho…” said the angel of the Yama – 3rd quantum frequency of heaven. “This way Mr.”

“Will I ever find this damn dog? Hell! Buddddddhhhhooooo!”

“Up here!” shouted the Tusita angels of th 4th quantum frequency of heaven.

“Oh God I’m so tired… will I ever find… OWWWWWWWWW!!!!!” so busy the hunter was, he did not care to mind his surroundings… until now. “Soooooo many beautiful women here! I can’t believe this place! What do you call it?”

“It’s called Tusita” The well dressed man replied… “Do you like it?”

“Oh yes I do….. think I’ll stay here for a while.”

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