• Sarah McLachlan

sarahmclachlanjlc2005.jpgSarah Ann McLachlan, (born January 28, 1968) is a Grammy-winning Canadian musician, singer and songwriter.

She is known for the emotional sound of her ballads. Some of her most popular songs include “Angel”, “Building a Mystery”, “Adia”, “Possession”, “Fallen”, “I Will Remember You”, and “World on Fire”. Her best-selling album to date is Surfacing, for which she won four Juno Awards and two Grammy Awards. In addition to her personal artistic efforts, she founded the Lilith Fair tour, which showcased female musicians in the late 1990s.

More information on Sarah McLachlan HERE on Sarah McLachlan Wikipedia

2 Responses to “• Sarah McLachlan”

  1. Olivia B. Says:

    I fin d that “Surfacing” is beyond an album – it’s a work of art. The music is so beautiful in it’s sadness, in it’s beauty, in it’s raw lyrics that admit to things we don’t want to outright admit to another person. It showcases the vulnerability of man and frames it in a way where it’s ok to be vulnerable. It’s not stupid – it’s confessional. “Surfacing” is an album that you can listen to by yourself and feel understood.
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  2. Yes Sarah’s words are truly profound… thanks for the comment, I just went back and watcher her Mirrorball concert.

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