Iron Will

Here’s an inspirational kicker…
A Tigress by nature, she who married at 19.

“He told me he had 6 siblings, but turned out altogether to be 20+. The littlest one was only 3 because his mother never stopped pumping’em out. Crying as I visited his family in Africa for the first time, not tears of joy. His lies started young.”

“Rejected by the in-laws, I converted to Islam hoping and praying they’d have mercy. I was wrong. Things gotten worse.”

“I was driven to depression for 19 years. During that time, I had two children, both times the husband ran off for a year leaving me broke in a new country of non-familiarity to fend for myself. When I asked why, “because they were girls” he said.”

“Providor not his trait. Husband uncontactable when abroad, and often for long periods of time, but returned home unannounced bringing pictures of women who he claimed to be his sisters. In aftermath I caught several sexually transmitted diseases from him.”

“The husband went through my belongings, telephone records, bank books, etc… taking advantage of Muslim counties and cultures to control me, displayed signs of aggression while my opinions were invalid and I must only and complied.”

“It was one day at a sacred Hindu cave of Malaysia. I saw Kuan Yin. I sat with her unaware while hours had passed, she took me to a white light which I came to know later as Jhanna. She kept visiting me for a year, constantly seeing her I thought I was going crazy.”

“The head scarf came off as I found my original path of peace. Husband felt shameful to let his friends see me as they undermine his abilities to control me.
Frustrated, he took me to a mosque where an iman commanded him to divorce this evil woman immediately. Good news he did.”

“Coming home realized what he had lost and how the tables have been turned. Screaming “I’ve lost my wife, my daughters, I’ve lost everything!” I treated him with no ill will, rather as another being of Samsara. “You’re only the victim of your own actions” I replied.”

“Amazed.. Malaysian temples were dumbfounded to hear my stories, saying I am the only woman they knew who had resisted and escaped the rigid ways of their religion.

Wisdom returned to this strong willed friend of mine. Her Q&A systems knocks down bible bashers immediately and permanently. Her name is Karen.

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