I’m..a Graduated!


PM finally graduated with Doctorate Distinction in Zero School Attendance!

Man was homework a killer!


5 Responses to “I’m..a Graduated!”

  1. Yes thank you… my next study subject “Doctorate Extinction of Dishonor through Complete Unschooling via Dis-assembly of Entire Universe.” DED-CU-DEU for short. If that makes any sense. I’m sure it doesn’t.

    • HAHAHA!!! Phra Mick you’ve done it again! 🙂

      • Hi Ekk! That’s Fa-Sai (Clear Sky) my lovely sis. Let’s all get together and feast!

      • Sounds like a plan PM! Yes we met at the screening of Siddhartha! Have a good week!!!

      • Yes matey let us plan a lunch. My number is 0455 494 450. I remember that movie! Horrible amount of money spent on loveydovey scenes, I was sure they shot the last half of the movie first, then ran out of cash when it came to shooting the first half.

        Anyway, it was good ppl enjoyed the show, the actor took quite a worship parade after the show was over. They hauled him out of the theater like Amazon tribe’s Friday night cannibal feast. Except they didn’t cook him. I looked up Anchal Singh, the girl playing Bimba and a self proclaimed clairvoyant… and discovered that movie was her debut acting role. Good for her.

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