One could be wrong at anytime


For 7 years, I followed the “theories” of the Perfect Superverse… where there are no accidents, everything has a job and perfectly where they should be, searching for the purpose of Universes I pictured an ignorant architect who by nature design and propagate life to precision under the laws of Balance. I saw not-self in my daily practice leading me to conclude that Choice was an illusion. However keeping in mind that one could be wrong at anytime, nothing was ever absolute for me. I was under no illusion that I was enlightened nor told myself that my point of views were the only possible ones. I am not the Buddha, and being wronged is part of life’s discoveries…

Well boredom made me put these theories to tests, and boy am I glad I’ve been wrong. Instead of dwelling in past karma, I have come to realize the paramount importance of present ones and how they can change, alter and stop future karmic formations. Choice does exist! I saw the pointlessness in the arguments of God or gods, or architects for my aim isn’t about them anymore. I can accept all viewpoints regarding them – that or go insane or worse go to war. I realized the importance of Precept, Meditation and Wisdom in consecutive tows and in total cyclic completion, as in not one is more important than another. I am far more disciplined than I have ever been and without any duress cornering me into action. I am happy to be disciplined and very happy in general, but never forget the annoyances I can ditch out for they are too much fun to drop all at once.

Being an immoderate individual, I only play at the deep ends and I am glad I have had the chances to experience both extremes of practices. And knowing still… I could be wrong at anytime.


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