Architect or Engineer?


A man went to hear the words of the Buddha, and after listening to a few sentences from the Exulted One, he attained Arahantship… the highest level of Enlightenment. He knew he was amongst this world no longer and must ordain. Upon searching for his to-be robe, an old karma struck him like the strike of a cobra. It turned out that in his previous existence, he and three other men murdered a prostitute for her belongings. You see, old companions were well decorated with high status and belongings. She who was murdered became a Asura, an angry giant guarding the foot of heaven. And she will have her vengeance like every dog has his day. Possessing the mind of a bullock, she rammed its horn into him killing him instantly. The other three men would suffer similar fate as him for she vowed it, but only he would not be reborn again.

Another went to hear the Lord of Sages, and he too attained Arahantship. The Lord named him Maha Kassapa. But unlike many previous to him, his wish to ordain completed with a robe that immediately covered his body, head full of hair that was instantly shaved clean, a companion alms bowl along with the accessories a monk would need. How? According to Tripitaka, this person offered many robes & bowls in the past.

If there was one Universal mechanic most highlighted in the Tripitaka, it is Karma. Is there a one and only Architect to this life, or is D.N.A of Karma the perfect Engineer of us all?


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