Theater Mode…

The Movie Director

It’s been a week of theater, explicitly for the actor inside. No escape, because with or without my intents, this dude was gonna act away. Rabbits Habits I call It.. and a whole bunch of lying to one’s self down those rabbit holes. The good old method of mind watching miserably failed. Whatever the eyes saw the ears heard, the mind decided to pour in a good story and the actor goes to work. Almost every Contact led to instant dreams. And sure the readers of this post with enough data regarding the mind’s mechanics could elaborate on and on how to go about fixing this bear trap. But trust me, that would have been a lot easier said than done.

There is great clarity before the raw footage enters the cutting-floor… just like before mum throws all the ingredients into the pot. So to the director’s chair I returned. Switching back to the old 5-Aggregate method. Eye for an eye, ear for an ear -or- in this case, Theater for theater. There is great clarity when pictures are just pictures, sounds just sounds and feelings just feelings because who am I if not data.


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