Pains of Birth

Art indien. PÈriode Sunga. St˚pa de Bh‚rh˚t. Le rÍve de M‚ya. IIe siËcle av. JC. Sculpture. Calcutta. Indian Museum.

A mother’s dream five weeks after conception indicates a mind seeking permission to be born. This process can be tricky should a traveler wishes to avoid rejections from the pregnant host. “It depends on who you knew and who was helping you out.” Said a monk in Thailand. “Most of us view birth as miracles and joyous events. But evidently I was confused when my previous body got terminated abruptly. My transitional self traveled aimlessly for what felt like an eternity for me…” He continued “By the time I reached Bangkok, A man saw me and guided me to his temple where i waited. Nights later, a woman dreamt of finding an old rusty ring underneath her mother’s house. She wasn’t going to keep it after seeing the terrible state it was in, but a monk appeared in her dream convincing her otherwise till she changed her mind.”

Whoever said birth isn’t suffering hasn’t remembered the pains of death, the feeling of adrift & confused, longing to be, the fears of rejection and the process of birth itself.


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