Mr. Top Secret

Needing straight answers? No such luck when you engage in conversations with secretive human beings concealing battleships up their butthole. Anyone can be read unaware, and even if you sensed heavy burdens on the person’s part, there is very little you can do to help. They’re very smart, double edged smart… most occasions too smart for their own good. Conversations ended up opposite to an exchange between two individuals who cared for one another or tried to understand each other’s situations. Why? 4000Km of anti Mongolian Great Wall, fierce jaws of blame, needing of control and lack of trust. Taught they had been, learned & conditioned not to trust and doing so while completely unaware. Beauty in vulnerabilities? Who would want that when the 9inch turrets shells are firing inside your anus?. Worst part is those jaws would snap at anyone should s/he ventures into their comfort zones even with good intents. After a while it was Sigh… Why do I even bother to ask?

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