Anger lottery


Like all desires needing to die, the first, last and ultimate fix for anger is Revenge. It has been the basic instinct of humanity since beginning of Down Cycle. And like Money blinding Ethical values left right & center, day after day… Kindness & Compassion eventually became obliterated by Anger & Vengeance. The concocted knots of ill-will looms this entire Universe. One may talk the talk about their overcoming anger, but in truth it isn’t an easy emotion to get rid off… at all. It is deep rooted and ingrained like smells in a jar. One’s wisdom requires in depth understanding of this self destructive emotion. Mindfulness needs to be on extra high alert during heavy strikes of anger. Never give up or give in! Because there is a point where Mindfulness enjoys being aware of anger, each hurdle overcome feels like winning a lottery ticket.


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