Wisdom had a go…


Talk about a strain of hair obscuring an entire mountain. My ego and wisdom have always acted as a ceiling against my progress. And although time and time again I’ve hit that ceiling, I could never let go of my wisdom. And after a careful mental negotiations, listen to the outcome:

Mind1: “… ‘cos when the Buddha said for us to hold our precepts, he…”

Mind2: “Said what? To who?”

M1: “To his disciple of course!”

M2: “And were you there to hear the gist of this conversation? What capacity did that disciple have? Was he a farmer, a nuclear physicist, brain surgeon or a rocket scientist?”

M1: “I don’t know…”

M2: “Then how do you know that what he said for that disciple was meant for you?”

M1: “… …”

M2: “What! Cat got your tongue?”

M1: Silent…

M2: “Here let me tell you how the great ones work. The wisest of human beings never write things down, ever! And there are several reasons why:

1. They fear misinterpretations of the Readers who each possess different karma, understanding capacities and points of view… foreseeing the degradation of humanity and how many bad ppl numbering largely over good ppl will use their knowledge to do horrible things.

2. Buddha never answered questions, he answered the persons. Twenty people can be asking the same question, and his answers would be different for each of them. And for somebody to be sitting close-by recording these conversations hoping and praying that people 2000 years away into the future having read them and would be Enlightened is a mistake. Imagine the Contradictions! Besides, Buddha often answered a question with a question, and the answer to THAT question would then lead THAT person to Enlightenment. Ever wonder why you can recite Dhammacakka Pavattana Sutta 20billion times and still not enlightened? Because it wasn’t meant for you.

3. The 227 precepts were compiled by a group of monks in a Sanghayana soon after the Buddha passed away. Most of the monks missed that rigidy & ridiculous meeting including you. No Buddha would be silly enough to enforce these rules on everyone, especially outside of India. What? No comeback?

M1: Silent… and still meditating.

M2: “Oh come on baaaack! Please come play and argue with me.”

M1: No response.

M2: “Alright have it your way. You sure you don’t wanna argue more?”

M1: Smiling with happiness.


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