The King


Did you know that on the 6th level of Heaven resides the King of Mara? I didn’t. And who the heck is this dude? Well according to the Tripitaka… he’s a stopper to whomever wishes discovery of truth. And like all things sentient, he’s a high level clearance Angel of great merits, good persona, charisma, finesse, audacity, passion, drive, etc… his power engulfs all lower realms of existence all the way down to hell. Great boss with deep personal agendas and twisted points of view… everything Steve Jobs. When you do good, he rejoices! But when you perform bad deeds, he’d rejoice as well. Plus he’s very annoying.

So after I said to a monk “Don’t rob a person’s experiences, give him a touch of hell, for everything has its functions.” He replied by gigglingly pointing finger at me and shouting “King Mara’s Henchman!” Now I know which level of heaven I can meditate on for my discovery of past lives.


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