The Chase


Like a restless man who rode his bike around the park’s track late at night alone, or a boy putting on a thick jacket crawling under to retrieve his ball lost in the thorny thickens. A man after chasing down a monk and lost, now attempts to proves his meditative worth.

“I’ll show you” he said as he sat legs crossing, both loose fists resting on his top of his knees. He projected a point of focus one foot away from his third eye, a concentrated ball of light. “I’ve been starring at this jhanna for years, I can even talk to you while I’m doing it” he boasted.

“Yes…” Said the monk whose quiet gentle voice shook the both earth and heavens. “Now I want you to observe it clearly Angulimala. The first truth is, this jhanna will always be constantly changing and moving. Do you see?”

Although what the monk said was true, the forest finger collector remained quiet, his two eyes fixed on the jhanna, pretending to not hear what the monk said.

“The second truth, Angulimala, like any breathing element forever subjected to change, its nature is unsatisfactory. Do you see?”

“…. …. ….” The notorious forest serial killer offered no reply.

“And now the third truth Angulimala, your point of focus isn’t you nor yours at all. It’s not like you’re controlling what is happening. Instead do you see how it is changing and moving all on its own?”

His eyes wide open as those truths are undeniable. His beautiful ball of concentration began to disintegrate before his very eyes. His tears fell. Heavens shook the day he was born as prophecy dictated him a ruthless killer without a point of return. His mother standing not to far away for the first time in many year saw her son bow to Lord Buddha. He will go on to achieve the highest Enlightenment a man could achieve. An Arahant. To no longer roam the realms of dissatisfaction.


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